Two fighters "Azov" sentenced to capital punishment

The “DPR” sentenced to death two fighters “Azov”, with the call signs “Fox” (Konstantin Nikitenko) and “Frost”, according to Russian military correspondents. Earlier it was reported that they want to “trial” the captured Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal in the “DPR”, where they can be sentenced to death. Recently, the Donetsk People’s Republic announced the lifting […]

Shishimarin, accused of war crimes in Ukraine, received a life sentence

Russian military tanker Vadim Shishimarin, accused of murdering a civilian resident of the Sumy region, was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Solomensky District Court of Kyiv recognized the evidence of the defendant’s guilt and concluded that the murder was premeditated. The arguments of the defense that he was following orders were rejected. The court pointed […]

“There is a danger of a split in society”

Debates and discussions about mandatory vaccination are splitting the European Union, political analysts say. Against the background of an increase in the number of infected, vaccination campaigns in the European Union are stalling. Governments are encouraging and arguing for vaccinations to be vaccinated. The “carrot and stick” methods constantly intersect, and sometimes it is difficult […]

For anti-vaccination appeals in Russia, they propose to go to jail

Calls to refuse vaccinations can end in frustration. For such acts, a member of the Public Chamber of the Leningrad Region, Vladimir Petrov, proposes to introduce criminal liability, reports RT. Petrov has already sent his proposal to the Minister of Justice Konstantin Chuychenko. In the letter, he pointed out that “part of the society refuses […]

Do parents of young bloggers face criminal punishment?

Millions of subscribers following the romance of 13-year-old Pasha Pai and 8-year-old Mila Makhanets are now following the development of events with no less interest. Will parents of minors incur any punishment for posting provocative pictures on the network and other actions that caused a scandal in society? Understood The scandalous incident was reacted […]

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