UN: Europe’s obesity rate has reached epidemic proportions

The World Health Organization reports that the number of obese and overweight people in Europe has reached “epidemic proportions” with almost 60% of adults and a third of children falling into one of these categories. In a report released Tuesday, the European office of the UN health agency said the prevalence of obesity among adults […]

Revealing Study of the Greek Diet: For 30% of Their Health "predetermined by fate"

The results, presented at an online event hosted on Wednesday February 16, 2022 by the Institute of Public Health and the Center of Excellence in Nutrition, Tourism and Leisure, American College of Greece, were indicative of Greek dietary habits. Is the Greek diet balanced? Are they interested in what we call “healthy eating” or are […]

Obesity saves from infection with COVID-19

An unusual mechanism to avoid re-infection with coronavirus was discovered by scientists in Israel. A study by Dr. Karmit Cohen and her colleagues at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel found that an elevated BMI (body mass index) increases the immune response to reinfection, reports ISRAEL21c. In a large-scale study, scientists found out what is […]

Greece "record holder" for rare diseases

Greece officially became a member of the European Reference Network for Rare Diseases, closing a significant gap in their management of patients by physicians. European Reference Networks (ERN) are virtual and involve healthcare providers in Europe. The goal of the service is to combat complex or rare diseases, patients with which require highly specialized treatment […]

My light, vesiki, tell me, but report the whole truth: how to weigh yourself correctly

The most common mistakes you make every time you weigh yourself. For many, the scale is their biggest nightmare, especially at a time when most of us are returning from vacation. The weighing process is identified with the ascent to the “guillotine”, since the fear of the final result (adding hated kilograms) leads to depression, […]

Gene therapy for obesity "on the way"

Obesity is associated with many human diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, tumors, and apnea syndrome, which are fatal. Being overweight has a negative effect, causing various psychological and social problems. Obesity is also considered a serious aggravating factor in the severe form of COVID-19. The total number of overweight and obese children in Greece […]

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