Samaras lambasted Mitsotakis

Former Prime Minister Adonis Samaras in his speech at the 14th ND Congress sharply criticized the main decisions of the Mitsotakis government are both in energy policy and, above all, in the management of national security issues. Samaras, representing the internal opposition to the Mitsotakis wing of the New Democracy, proposed his own strategy for […]

Poll: ND leads SYRIZA by 7 percentage points

The gap between the New Democracy and SYRIZA is narrowing, according to a survey conducted by Prorata at the request of Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών. According to the data received, the difference in voting intentions reaches 7 points, with New Democracy gaining 32% and SYRIZA 25%. They are followed KINAL with 13%, KKE with 5%, Ελληνική […]

Mitsotakis expelled deputy Bogdanos from the ranks of the ND due to anti-communist rhetoric

New Democracy MP Konstantinos Bogdanos was expelled from the parliamentary faction of the ruling New Democracy Party following his harsh anti-communist rhetoric in parliament. In a speech given by the deputy on the rostrum of parliament, he, among other things, said that the communists pose a greater threat to Greece than Turkey. Prime Minister Kyriakos […]

Fires crippled government credibility: gap between ND and SYRIZA narrowed

The New Democracy Party has lost ground. This was revealed by a public opinion poll that took place after the large-scale fires. Although, according to a GPO poll conducted by the newspaper TA NEA, the Mitsotakis government retains a significant double-digit advantage over the opposition party SYRIZA. The numerous questions and criticism that arose during […]

N. Iliopoulos: Cancellation of 8 hour working day "ND" encourages employers to break the law

“Elastic working day, work without rights, life without rights” – this is how the representative of SYRIZA, Nassos Iliopoulos, described the New Democracy’s bill on labor on the air of “Real FM 97.8”. New legislation regarding working hours, last week reported Minister of Labor and Social Policy Kostis Hatzidakis, speaking of a 4-day working week […]

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