July 14, 2024

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Euronews in Greece: poll predicts ruling party to win European elections (video)

As a Euronews poll showed, approximately a third of Greeks are ready to vote for the ruling New Democracy in the June elections to the European Parliament.

Greece's centre-right government is looking to these elections to reaffirm its popularity a year after the national vote. And the majority of voters are ready to support Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' ND, which is part of the European People's Party.

Over the past three months, support for the ruling party has decreased from 36% to 33%, but it is nevertheless confidently in the lead. This is something of an exception: in many European countries, the ruling political forces expect failure, polls show.

The fight for second and third places is between the left-wing SYRIZA and the center-left PASOK. They are expected to receive 13-14% of the vote. The gap between them and Mitsotakis's moderate conservatives is 20%.

It is expected that New Democracy will receive one more seat than in the current composition of the European Parliament – eight mandates instead of seven for the European People's Party. SYRIZA, part of the European United Left group, will be able to count on four seats, and PASOK is likely to earn two additional mandates – that is, the Socialists and Democrats will have three seats.

Judging by calculations Euronews, Greece's six remaining mandates will be equally divided between the European Conservatives and Reformists, the Identity and Democracy group and unaffiliated MPs.

Despite Mitsotakis's recent liberal moves, such as legalizing same-sex marriage, experts predict that New Democracy will win votes from voters who would like to support the far right – the nationalist Greek party was banned from participating in elections last year.

The popularity of Mitsotakis’s party was also added to by the story of Fredi Beleris. Last year, an ethnic Greek won the election for mayor of the Albanian city of Himare, but was detained by Albanian authorities for corruption. Greece condemned the arrest of Beleris, and New Democracy included him in the list of candidates for the European elections.

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