July 19, 2024

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P. Polakis: "The country cannot bear another four years of Mitsotakis"

SYRIZA MP in Chania Pavlos Polakis made a “strong statement” against the ruling party and said that “The country cannot bear another four years of Mitsotakis.”

As he emphasizes, “SYRIZA and I personally will not back down” and when asked about the possibility of Alexis Tsipras returning, “If he wants to 'get back in the game,' it will be interesting to know what changed to lead to that decision.”commented Polakis.

Regarding the proposal to create a SYRIZA-PASOK coalition, “any process should not be a parade of individuals anxiously looking for their role,” he emphasizes, adding that “Today SYRIZA does not owe a single euro, and PASOK has debts approaching half a billion.”.

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