May 25, 2024

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N. Kaklamanis – Mitsotakis: "You have money to send to Ukraine, but no money to give to farmers"

Nikitas Kaklamanis, dMember of Parliament from New Democracy, spoke on a TV show and said that he does not understand Europe, which gave 145 billion euros to Kyiv, but did not find 5 billion euros to give to farmers!

The former minister makes it clear to the Mitsotakis government that there is money for Ukraine, but not to give it to farmers.

This statement by Nikitas Kaklamanis “ringed the bell” to K. Mitsotakis for the large-scale military assistance that he offers Kyiv with weapons and ammunition, while weakening the security of Greece and especially the Aegean Islands, from where he withdrew them.

According to Nikitas Kaklamanis, he drew attention to his party by declaring that “ND is in danger only from its evil self”:

“Not with incense in hand. Not in favor of today’s Europe, which found 145 billion to give to Mr. Zelensky, but did not find 5 billion for farmers. Ms Lagarde said she would give 0% interest on deposits and 6% interest on loans in June. But all this will benefit the banks and bankers. And then we cry because in the new European Parliament the second political force will be the extreme right. Greece could not be an exception.”

Nikitas Kaklamanis' statements show that there is a growing faction within New Democracy that questions the choice of Kyriakos Mitsotakis. And if at present their influence is not enough to initiate a change in the party’s leadership, then in the event of a sharp deterioration in positions in the European elections, the situation may change.

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