Murderer of 7-year-old Andreas found dead in cell

A 33-year-old Pole who killed the little son of his cohabitant 7-year-old Andreas in Kipseli and hid his body for 5 years was found dead in a cell. Because of the brutal murder of a 7-year-old child in Kypseli Organization “Children’s Smile” denounced the system and addressed the entire Greek society: A man who confessed […]

Spain: renowned programmer John McAfee found dead in prison

Antivirus software developer, McAfee creator controversial John McAfee was found dead in a cell in Barcelona’s San Esteve Sesrovires prison. The businessman’s body was found several hours after the announcement of the court’s decision on his extradition to the United States. There the programmer is accused of hiding real estate and tax evasion for several […]

Roman Protasevich “confesses”

Yesterday evening, the pro-government Belarusian media disseminated a video message from the opposition leader, one of the founders of the Nexta telegram channel Roman Protasevich, who was detained the day before. He is shown sitting without handcuffs and talking to the camera about his whereabouts. Roman claims that the employees of the Minsk SIZO No. […]

Ukraine: after 8 days of “rest” in Dubai, nude models share their impressions

The epic with nude filming in a Muslim country came to a logical conclusion – the participants were deported to Ukraine. The girls who returned from the Dubai jail explain the situation and share their emotions. Their general opinion is: “There are so many problems because of naked priests.” got acquainted with the participants […]

Ukraine: participants in scandalous photo shoot in Dubai complain about deception of investigators

Two participants in a nude photo shoot in Dubai talked about the investigator’s deception and their impressions of the prison, REN TV reports. The girls say that after the outbreak scandal a “kind policeman” came to them. He assured the models that they were not guilty of anything, but in order to be released home […]

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