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Drug trafficking flourished in Trikala prisons, the criminal organization was dismantled (video)

Led by a 41-year-old member of the so-called Albanian prison mafia, the criminal organization was involved in the transportation and sale of drugs in Trikala prisons.

According to the information, the leader of the drug trafficking is an Albanian accused of murdering lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos, imprisoned in Trikala prison. Following an investigation by the Anti-Narcotics Unit of the Trikala Security Sub-Directorate, a criminal organization whose members were actively involved in the transportation and sale of drugs in the detention center was dismantled.

As part of an organized police operation, which began on the evening of March 2 and continued on March 3, employees of the above service together with police officers Ο.Π.Κ.Ε. Trikala and the anti-narcotics subdirectories of the Attica Security Directorate arrested seven people: four men and three women, two of them prisoners and one playing a leading role.

Criminal cases have been filed against everyone, depending on the role they perform and the severity of the crime committed – for membership in a criminal organization, violation of drug laws, violation of weapons laws, for bringing a mobile phone into a detention center. Seven more people appear in the case, four of whom have been identified but not yet arrested.

The activities of the criminal organization began in mid-December 2023, it had a hierarchical structure, continuously and actively committed violations of a criminal nature:

  1. the prisoner, who played a leadership role, ensured that the organization purchased narcotic substances (heroin) and hid them in parcels;
  2. two members passed bags to three other gang members who, depending on the circumstances, arranged the delivery and transported the drugs to the detention center, passing the bags on visits to other prisoners;
  3. then they were handed over to the head of the organization to transport the drugs to the pre-trial detention center.

The financial benefit received by the criminal organization from its illegal activities is at least 50,000 euros. During searches in prisoners’ cells, the following were discovered and confiscated:

  • 8 nylon bags of heroin in powder form, total weight 33.6 grams,
  • a nylon bag containing powdered cocaine weighing 1.6 grams,
  • 5 bags,
  • 5 homemade knives,
  • 5 plastic pen caps that were used to measure drugs
  • 1 mobile phone,
  • 1 charger.

Besides, writes CNN Greece, during lawful searches carried out in the houses of five arrested people in Attica, a total of the following were discovered and confiscated:

  • 1 nylon bag of raw dried cannabis weighing 34.6 grams,
  • 2 improvised cigarettes made from a mixture of hemp and tobacco,
  • 1370 euros,
  • two scales,
  • 5 mobile phones.

Those arrested will be brought to court; a preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Trikala Security Sub-Directorate.

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