June 25, 2024

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Prisoners go on hunger strike in several prisons in Greece

Prisons across Greece are “boiling”; on Monday, prisoners in a number of institutions began a hunger strike. They are protesting against inhumane conditions of detention and the “illegal” extension of their imprisonment.

According to the daily publication Newspaper editors, the start of a hunger strike was announced by prisoners of Domokos prison, followed by prisoners of other prisons in Larissa, Chania, Patras and Corfu. The protest is directed against inhumane conditions of detention, the “illegal” extension of the term of imprisonment, infringement of rights, non-existent days off and punitive living conditions, the newspaper reports.

The hunger strike is accompanied by the following demands:

  1. Apply a term of no more than 19 years in Domokos prisons instead of 25, conditionally release prisoners who have already served more than 19 years, as is done in all prisons in the country.
  2. Cancel Art. 105B Part 6 of the Greek Criminal Code of 2019, which sets the age limit of 25 years for new prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment for a number of crimes.
  3. The Criminal Code should not be retroactive to furloughs, and the old limits (10 years for life prisoners and 1/5 for temporary ones) should apply.
  4. Remove barriers to entry into rural labor camps and restore existing limits without exceptions.
  5. Lamia Judicial Councils should not delay parole procedures.
  6. Do not increase the overall sentencing limit when combining sentences from 20 to 25 years.
  7. Take measures to overcrowd prisons.
  8. In order for penalties and disciplinary sanctions to be combined, Article 94 paragraph 4 must be applied without exception or misinterpretation to offenses committed during leave and not after it.
  9. Reinstate the 3/5 limit for temporary release on conditional discharge, for all cases.

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