Arrest for trying "sell" a few days old baby

The case of an attempted illegal adoption of a baby was investigated by the law enforcement agencies of Thessaloniki, in connection with which four people were detained and two more were identified. A 49- and 47-year-old couple asked a 61-year-old lawyer to mediate a child adoption without following established procedures, according to a police investigation. […]

Illegal migrants go to Europe through Moscow

The new route is mastered by migrants, striving for the European Union – by plane to Moscow, then to Belarus and further to EU. For illegal travelers, according to the head of the Public Security Policy Group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania, Darius Domarkas, a new route has been thought out and […]

Kallithea: police operation in an illegal casino

Three people arrested during a police operation in Kallithea, an illegal casino was located in an apartment building. The gaming establishment was well protected – an armored door that could be opened only with a button, a lot of surveillance cameras and even observers who gave a danger signal if the police appeared. It was […]