May 30, 2024

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Migrants on Evros – a hybrid threat from Turkey

The former Chief of the General Staff of Greece, Georgios Campas, is sure that in the case of illegal migrants in Evros, the country is faced with a hybrid threat from Turkey. He emphasizes:

“They tried to create a provocation to expose us that we are behaving incorrectly towards migrants, which is a lie.”

The ex-chief of the general staff and former commander of the 4th Evros Army Corps says that the Turkish army was behind the migrants. He noted that the issue of migration was instrumentalized by Turkey, specifying that there are many disputed islands in Evros after the demarcation of 1926, which were created over time to the east or west of the middle reaches and did not exist then:

“There are many islands that come and go depending on the time of year and time, so they expose one of them so that unfortunate people can move to it … (The islands) may not even belong to anyone. Until 2016, there was a joint Greek the Turkish committee that made decisions on these issues, this time, unfortunately, it has ceased its activities.”

Continuing his story, the retired officer notes:

“We could deal with Turkish provocations with ambulance, police, Red Cross, not the army. Climb (to the island) and highlight the situation even more to expose Turkey’s behavior in the forums.”

Sotiris Serbos, deputy professor of international politics at the Thracian University of Democritus, speaking on a Greek TV channel, also expressed his opinion on this situation, emphasizing “cooperation between the networks of slave traders and the Turkish authorities”, quoted

“This is a country (Turkey) that operates transactionally, hoping to kill many birds with one stone. Migration flows more than doubled compared to last year, while Ankara took advantage of the fact that Europe is satisfied with the current migration situation, is satisfied with , which gives funds to Turkey, and in EU there is no common agreement on migration and asylum.”

Recall that four kilometers south of the island, located on the Turkish side, the Greek authorities detained 40 migrants. An investigation is underway to establish how and when they entered Greek territory. Earlier it became known that on the island where the migrants were, a 5-year-old refugee child died from a scorpion sting and has been without burial for several days. ΕΛ.ΑΣ. informed Turkey that the facility was outside Greek territory. In a press release, ΕΛ.ΑΣ. says:

“In connection with reports of the presence of immigrants on the island of Evros, the Hellenic Police Directorate clarifies the following. From the first moment when information about the possible presence of migrants on the islet of Evros appeared, the Greek police carried out successive investigations, using all suitable technical means, without detecting the presence of people. At the same time, the coordinates were transferred to the competent services of the armed forces, who indicated that this was a point outside the territory of Greece.

Thirty-eight refugees who were in Greek territory four kilometers south of the island of Evros within a few days, were transferred to the Filaki prison to undergo the procedure of their registration and identification. These are 22 men, 9 women and 7 children. As a precaution, a pregnant woman was taken to the hospital.

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