France wants to introduce grocery checks

French President Emmanuel Macron allows the introduction of food checks in the country to support vulnerable citizens. According to RIA News, the French president wants to introduce food checks to help under-the-poverty households and the middle class cope with the crisis. Emmanuel Macron on the radio station France bleu explains his intentions: “We will face […]

UN warns of "hurricane of hunger"

UN Secretary-General António Guterres warns of the threat of a “hurricane of hunger” due to the war in Ukraine. It has already disrupted supply chains and caused a sharp rise in prices – for food, fuel, transport. In a tweet on Saturday, the NATO Secretary General notes that war could cause the collapse of the […]

The number of hungry people in the world is growing rapidly, the UN notes

UN experts are concerned about alarming data on the increase in the number of hungry people in the world. Experts associate the shortage of food, among other things, with the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a report posted on the organization’s website. Apart from UN experts, other authoritative organizations also worked on the report: UNICEF, IFAD […]

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