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Foods that, if you eat them, will make you even hungrier instead of filling you up

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If you often find yourself wanting to snack again and again soon after you’ve eaten, then you might say it’s not a habit or an “obsession” of yours. Some foods actually stimulate the appetite, making us even hungrier.

The reason for this craving is usually foods consisting of refined carbohydrates high in sugar. If in food not enough protein and fiberobviously, you will soon become very hungry and eat heavily.

The combination of refined carbohydrates that are low in fiber and protein can affect your blood sugar levels, causing food cravings or overwhelming feelings of hunger.

Here they are, these 6 products that are “responsible” for sudden raids on the refrigerator.

White rice

What makes rice white is how it is processed: it starts out as a brown grain, which is then cleaned and polished to remove the outer brown layer called bran. The process gives white rice a pearly color and clearly improves the taste. However, the problem is that almost all of the fiber and B vitamins in rice are found in the bran.

But it is fiber that plays an important role in controlling hunger. Without fiber, eating white rice speeds up your insulin response and digestion, which ultimately makes you hungrier in the long run.

Potato chips

After eating a few chips, you will want more and more. Salt is responsible for awakening the “brutal appetite”. Sodium improves the taste of almost all foods and increases salivation. This activates taste buds, and as a result – greater appetite.

But there’s another reason why you crave salty foods: Scientists suggest that “salty cravings” are nothing more than a release of the hormone dopamine. And it, as scientists have found out, is an important part of the “reward system” of the brain, since it causes feeling of pleasure (or satisfaction).


Fluffy buns are great for enjoying the taste of, but they are not at all good for the stomach as they are usually made up of carbohydrates and sugar. Without enough protein or fiber, the product spikes blood sugar levels, although the body soon causes the level to return. In short, when your blood sugar levels drop, you feel hungry and tired. Is this the state you would like to start your day in?

Low Protein Muesli Bars

“Healthy” cereal bars usually have high sugar and low protein. “Diet foods” (as they are marketed) are among foods that make you hungry. Low-protein muesli bars won’t keep you full for long because protein is what promotes satiety. Therefore, if you intend to snack between meals and still choose a bar, pay attention to those that contain about 20 grams of protein.

White bread

To make bread, the bran is removed from wheat grains. The food industry sometimes goes even further and uses potassium dioxide or chlorine dioxide to bleach the flour and remove the natural yellow color to make the loaf even whiter. Why is this happening? Purely for aesthetic reasons or, in other words, simply to make the bread look more appetizing and sell out faster. However, as a result Most of the nutrients and fiber are removed from the bread. Therefore bread cannot satisfy. According to the US Department of Agriculture, a slice of white bread contains less than a gram of fiber.

Fried potatoes

Although potatoes are a familiar food that helps us all feel full, they become unhealthy if they are fried in a pan or in oil (like French fries). This is because the final product contains large amounts of refined carbohydrates and sodium, which satisfy the taste, but subsequently make you hungry. If you have a snack of French fries, then most likely, very soon you will have a “brutal appetite”.

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