Greeks switched to cheaper food

The upward trend in the prices of essential goods has changed the eating habits of most Greeks, who are increasingly switching to cheap and unhealthy food. Geopolitical events, shrinking incomes and inflationary pressures, combined with rising energy and transport prices, are causing further belt-tightening and pushing consumers into new buying habits. In this context, the […]

Sobs over souvlaki

Souvlaki tend to become somewhat of a luxury as their price approaches 4 euros. Gone are the days when the Greeks’ favorite “street food”, traditional souvlaki, was one of the fastest and at the same time cheap dishes. The increase in prices for raw materials “hit” your favorite food and not only, the newspaper writes. […]

Georgiadis: “Fuel measures are possible, but food shortages are not to be feared”

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis says it is highly likely that fuel measures will be “targeted, not horizontal” in the summer. “There is a big problem with fuel on the islands, firstly, for transport, which has risen in price, and secondly, there are islands where there is no “healthy competition” and having only 1-2 gas stations. […]

Prices bite…

The prices of groceries available on grocery store shelves are on the rise, according to data released by independent bodies and trade-savvy professionals. The rise in prices of manufactured goods, foodstuffs and raw materials has been happening daily since last September. With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the phenomenon became more widespread, as […]

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