What vaccines do the experts recommend?

A US committee of experts recommends Pfizer and Moderna vaccines over Johnson & Johnson. The Advisory Committee on Immunization voted unanimously to recommend Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for adults in all age groups, although it is by no means mandatory. Today, a group of external consultants from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Posthumous autopsy of a deceased baby in Texas is carried out by specialists

Last Friday, forensic experts performed a full autopsy of a 4-year-old girl who reportedly died of COVID-19, Bucliffe officials confirm. The first results of medical research are reported by The Daily News, the oldest newspaper published since 1842. The actions of experts are designed to determine why little Kali Cook from Buckliff died on September […]

The global economic crisis is coming

Experts are confident that by the middle of the decade the world will be overtaken by a new wave of economic crisis. The experts of the Russian Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting were examining how correct these forecasts are, TASS says. CMASF experts predicted two acceptable scenarios – in the first case, the […]

EMA agreed that thrombosis should be included in the AstraZeneca side effects list

The European Medicines Agency has concluded that vaccination with AstraZeneca can indeed cause thrombosis, but such cases are rare. The head of the agency Emer Cook once again assured that the vaccine is highly effective and its benefits outweigh the risks, reports Euronews. The EMA agrees that the risk of thrombosis should be included in […]

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