The death of Georges Monogios: the first conclusions of experts and unexpected facts

The competent authorities are trying to find out the circumstances of the car accident that took the life of Georgis Monogios, brother of ND MP Katerina Monogiu.

The testimony of his wife, who was in the passenger seat on that ill-fated evening, is considered decisive, but while Athena Kontopanu is in the hospital, she has many fractures, and she does not even know about her husband’s death.

Traffic police officers are carefully studying video footage from cameras that impartially recorded the movement and collision of an elite car driven by 45-year-old Georgis Monogios. The main question is why the car lost control and caught fire so quickly. George Kalliakmanis, President of the South East Attica Police Association, says:

“I believe that the First Road Administration of South East Attica, expertise, witnesses and visual material will clear up the matter.”

Tire marks have been recorded in front of the crash site, which experts are examining to see if they were left by Ferrari’s emergency braking or acceleration, which caused the traffic to deviate. It is also established whether there was an explosion after a collision with a tree, as a result of which the car caught fire.

Taki Purnaraki, a journalist and automotive specialist, says there are no signs of an explosion, which means that the fire could have been caused by an oil leak or another factor, but not a fuel fire.

Alexis Kougias, the family lawyer, describes the deceased as a “great driver” who previously owned a supercar, “so he can’t be called inexperienced. In addition, he was a disciplined driver and liked good cars, and the new one was a very safe model.”

According to experts, according to SKAI, the Ferrari steering wheel hides important information about what could have caused the accident. He has five working positions on the right, the fourth and fifth relate to the traction control system and the electronic stability program (ESP). The first expert opinions speak of the deactivation of the ESP, which, with a sharp acceleration, leads to a rollover of the car. According to SKAI, there are no signs of braking, only signs of overturning/sliding and a speed of 100-120 km/h.

Among the witnesses who will be called to give official testimony is the Serbian dealer who sold the car to George Monogios. The purchase was also attended by a friend of the victim, who had already testified:

“We drove with George Monogios around 20:15 to the area near Asklepion in Voula to pick up a car with German numbers. We went to his home in Vouliagmeni to park him there.”

It is his cry that is heard in the video: “My brother, my friend…”.

The eyewitness of the accident, who pulled Athena Kontopana out of the car, was the singer Stratos Antipariotis (Stan). He tweeted:

“What I experienced, I really do not want anyone and never to experience.”

Journalist Takis Trakuselis wrote in newsauto that the Italian company recalled a significant number of its models in 2019 due to a problem in the fuel tank. They concerned a possible crack in the tank, which could lead to a fire. The message concerned, in particular, the 2018-2019 models: 488 Pista (model driven by George Monogios), 488 GTB, GTC4Lusso, GTC4Lusso T, 488 Spider, 812 Superfast and Aperta (2018). Experts are called to check whether the 45-year-old businessman’s Ferrari has passed all the required checks and whether the fuel tank has been replaced, reports


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