Posthumous autopsy of a deceased baby in Texas is carried out by specialists

Last Friday, forensic experts performed a full autopsy of a 4-year-old girl who reportedly died of COVID-19, Bucliffe officials confirm.

The first results of medical research are reported by The Daily News, the oldest newspaper published since 1842. The actions of experts are designed to determine why little Kali Cook from Buckliff died on September 7.

On Thursday, Galveston County health authorities officially announced first infant deathassociated with the coronavirus. The medical examiner determined that Cali was infected with COVID by testing after her death. It takes time to determine additional possible causes of death, but the autopsy will ultimately lead to a “definitive cause of death”, officials say.

At 4:10 pm on Friday, a statement was released by Galveston County Chief Medical Officer Erin Barnhart and Dr. Philip Keizer from the Galveston County Local Health Authority:

“Today, the Galveston County Medical Examination Department performed an autopsy on a young child who passed away this week and tested positive for COVID-19. We will not have a definitive cause of death until all of today’s autopsy results are received. We will provide the public with additional information as it becomes available. “

It is emphasized that toxicology tests and some other analyzes may take several weeks to complete. At the same time, Keizer said that the death of the child requires further investigation. Especially in light of the fact that, according to the mother, too little time has passed from the onset of the first symptoms to death. The doctor says:

“From our point of view, it is unusual for a four-year-old to die so quickly from COVID. If she was in the hospital, we would know a lot more. “

According to the mother in an interview with the Daily News, the only symptom of COVID-19 was a fever, which developed at about 2 a.m. She gave Kali some medicine, and at about 7 o’clock in the morning the girl was dead. The daughter did not test positive for COVID-19 before death and did not receive medical attention after the onset of symptoms. She was never diagnosed with any immune disorders or other illnesses. However, when the children were sick, Kali tolerated the disease worse than her brother or sister. The girl’s mother said she was not vaccinated herself and was told on Monday that she had COVID.

Since a positive result for coronavirus has already been determined, it will be listed in the report as a factor contributing to the death of the girl, says forensic scientist John “DJ” Florence:

“The child has definitely been infected with COVID. I cannot tell you, and we will not know until the autopsy is done and all the tests that the experts will conduct after that what the official cause of death will be. But we know that at least COVID will be the factor, if not the actual cause of death. We just don’t know right now. “

In practice, during a pandemic, Galveston County Forensic Science does not conduct an autopsy if a COVID-19 test is positive, according to official experts. In the case of Kali, an exception is made.

Representatives from the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Child Welfare Services visited Buckliff’s home where Cali died. Officials said this was standard practice for the death of children, but no criminal cases were opened in connection with the death of the baby. There was no evidence that Cali was physically abused, and Keizer and Florence stated that there was no sign of injury at the time of the initial examination of the child.

It remains to wait for the results of the examination, which will put an end to this tragedy by determining the causes of the girl’s death.

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