GreenPeace Mitsotakisu and Tsiprasu: “You’d better be silent”

In its recent report, the international environmental organization “GreenPeace“quite caustically went over the leadership of Greece, saying that it would be better if they were silent and did something than saying outright nonsense. “We watched the prime minister’s sermon, which we were shocked with: the phrases ‘good night and good luck’ and the reference to […]

Hellenic Gold: development and environmental protection

In recent years, the European Commission has committed itself to achieving sustainable development in Europe and around the world, setting specific targets for which action is taken in cooperation with all Member States and using all available tools. Sustainable development is an integrated approach that includes complementary economic, social and environmental dimensions. There is widespread […]

Alimos wound up … Savvas

He settled on the beach of Alimos! Savvas is the first metal shark in Greece to feed exclusively on plastic. The purpose of the shark-shaped metal structure is to collect plastic for recycling, and to raise the environmental awareness of all citizens and especially children. There is her “younger brother” in Cyprus. Savvas recently settled […]

Greece 2030: one in three cars will be electric

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Secretary General Alexandra Suduku announces impressive growth in electric vehicle sales in the first four months of 2021 and ambitious national targets. When Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis ushered in the era of “Green Mobility” in Gazi in June 2020, the government set a very high bar for the country’s […]

Greece: dolphins and whales in danger

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) that swim in European seas face a much greater threat than in all other parts of the planet. At the same time, Europe has one of the most advanced and integrated systems for their protection. This paradox is described in a report called “Under Pressure,” recently released by OceanCare, an international […]

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