Symptoms of the disease when infected with Omicron and differences from the Delta strain

Patients with the Omicron mutation exhibit different symptoms than those with the Delta mutation. Despite the fact that the Omicron mutation has a 2.4 times higher risk of re-infection than previous mutations and a higher overall transmission, the disease has different and milder symptoms, experts say. The new strain is associated with much higher re-infection […]

WHO experts: vaccines save lives

Experts from the World Health Organization say that vaccination saves from death when infected with the Delta strain. Sumya Swaminathan, WHO Chief Scientist, said vaccines are effective in preventing death during a briefing: “It is certain that vaccines prevent the increase in the number of severe cases and deaths from the Delta variant. She added […]

Delta attacks organs and tissues – features of an aggressive strain

Infectionist, Honored Doctor of Ukraine Olga Golubovskaya talks about the features and dangers of the Delta variant of the coronavirus. The Delta strain has 15 different mutations compared to the original virus. Only two of them help the virus to avoid antibodies, but that’s a lot. According to Golubovskaya, the P681R mutation is responsible for […]

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