Delta confidently leads and displaces other strains

The delta variant of the coronavirus is becoming stronger and more infectious, 99% of all cases of the disease occur in it. Which vaccines are most effective?

The World Health Organization notes that the Delta strain, recorded for the first time in India, has been found in 185 countries and has practically “ousted” all other variants, which account for only 1%. Maria van Kerkhove, WHO’s lead COVID-19 specialist, said on Facebook live yesterday:

“Delta has become stronger, more infectious, and it intercepts the rest of the strains and viruses that are spreading through the population.”

The expert said that among the 5 strains of interest to specialists – Iota, Eta and Kappa, however, the organization has downgraded their status from “threatening” to “under supervision.”

American scientists, based on the results of a national study in the United States, determined that the drug Moderna showed the highest protection against the Delta strain. They compared the effects of Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. It turned out to inform Regenstrief Institutethat all three vaccines are effective in significantly reducing the risk of severe disease.

During the period of June, July and August of this year, when the Delta strain was rapidly spreading around the world, 32 thousand medical appeals in 9 American states fell under the control of the VISION network of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The experts found that unvaccinated patients most often need emergency care and hospitalization – 7 times more often than those who received vaccinations. But even among the vaccinated, this indicator is not the same and depends on the drug. Thus, Moderna was the most effective in preventing hospitalization among adults 18+ (95%). The Pfizer vaccine protects 80%, Johnson & Johnson 60%.

Another indicator is the prevention of emergency care. In this category, the effectiveness of ModernŠ° is estimated by experts at 92%, Pfizer – 77%, Johnson & Johnson – 65%. At the same time, in the age group over 75 years old, the effect of vaccines becomes less effective. Sean Grannis, study author, states:

“Despite differences in effectiveness, vaccines still provide much more protection than none. Although infections do occur, the data show symptoms are less severe. The vast majority of COVID hospitalizations and deaths continue to occur in unvaccinated people. coronavirus – powerful tools in the fight against the pandemic. “

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