Apparently, we will have to live with Delta. WHO opinion and statistics

The World Health Organization warns: worldwide in the coming months, the Delta strain of coronavirus will prevail.

Over the past week, from 12 to 18 July, 3.3 million cases of coronavirus were registered. The Delta variant, revealed for the first time in India, has already been found in 124 countries, and a week ago there were 13 fewer. In most large states, 3/4 of new cases are attributable to the Delta strain, so in the coming months, which is no doubt, it will be the most common, reports the WHO publication APE MPE. A report from the World Health Organization leads AFP:

“We expect the Delta variant to quickly outperform other variants and become the dominant (Covid) variant to be released in the coming months. Among the countries where the Delta variant is now the cause of more than 75% of new cases of this disease are India, China, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Bangladesh, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, Portugal, Israel. However, we still do not know the exact mechanism by which this option is the most contagious compared to others. “

Noting that the spread of new coronavirus cases has increased by 12% over the past week, the organization warns:

“At this rate, we expect the cumulative number of reported cases (since the start of the pandemic) worldwide could exceed 200 million in the next 3 weeks.”

The main factors causing the growth trend, WHO calls:

weakening of protection measures; high infectivity of the Delta strain; slowing down vaccination campaigns; active social communication.

The highest increase in the number of infected was observed last week in Indonesia (+ 44%, 350,273 cases). The UK is in second place (+ 41%, 296 447), followed by Brazil (287 610, but a decrease of 14%). In Europe, the number of new cases increased by 21%, in the countries of the Western Pacific – by 30%. The number of deaths in 7 days remains stable – 57,000 people.

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