New strains: instead of loss of smell, runny nose and sore throat

New variants of the coronavirus carry with them other symptoms as well, according to a study from King’s College London.

If not so long ago the clinical picture of COVID-19 was manifested by cough, loss of smell and fever, now the initial manifestations of the disease are more like a banal SARS – a sore throat, a runny nose and a headache. According to the Mirror, scientists at King’s College London believe that the spread of the Delta strain, first discovered in India, is the reason for the change in symptoms. According to experts, the virus “is acting differently now.” Although the British National Health Service still points to 3 control signs among the most characteristic signs of COVID-19: fever, loss of taste and smell, new persistent cough.

Researchers at King’s College also believe that against the background of successful vaccination of elderly people, young people predominate among those infected. Most often, they carry the coronavirus in a mild form, and when the above symptoms appear, they are usually sure that they just caught a cold. Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, urges such people not to ignore testing so as not to contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

The ZOE App is the UK’s largest symptom tracking study. The data obtained with its help indicate that at the beginning of the pandemic, 46% of patients complained of a cough. Now, says Professor Spector, sore throat, fever and runny nose have come to the fore. He notes in an interview with the Telegraph:

“People don’t realize this and may think they have some kind of seasonal cold, they still go to parties and may spread the disease. Since the beginning of May, we have been studying the main symptoms, and they are no longer the same as before. Number one is headache followed by sore throat, runny nose and fever … This option seems to work a little differently. ”

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