China accused of collusion with WHO

The Chinese are accused of a possible secret deal with the World Health Organization to investigate the origins of the coronavirus. The conspiracy, writes The Sunday Times, concerns a possible leak of the virus from a laboratory in China. It became possible against the backdrop of Beijing’s longstanding influence on WHO. The sources cited by […]

China: 12 subway deaths caused by flooding

Deadly floods reached China, 12 passengers of the flooded train died in the Zhengzhou metro, and five more were injured. The water flow, after the destruction of the dam near the city of Zhengzhou by flooding, flooded the subway galleries and filled the train cars with passengers. Chinese TV channel reported: “Due to heavy rains, […]

Bus explodes in Pakistan, killing 9 Chinese

A bus carrying dam workers exploded in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northwest Pakistan, GeoTV reported. Nine Chinese are among the dead, and Beijing is calling on Islamabad to find and punish those responsible. According to Reuters, citing administrative sources, the bus was carrying Chinese specialists working at the Dasu Dam – surveyors, engineers, maintenance personnel. […]

“You insert a piece of another virus into it and refine it in the laboratory” …

Americans are confident that a coronavirus leak should be sought in Wuhan. But, as it turned out, it could have happened much closer – in the United States. One of the possible culprits is a certain Peter Dashak. For more than 10 years, the British scientist has been engaged in dangerous experiments with coronaviruses. But […]

Greece made good money on relations with China

Greece is taking advantage of its healthy relationship with China in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and will continue to cooperate along the way, said Spyros Lambridis, Permanent Representative of Greece to NATO. “For now, all we get from it is the benefits of a healthy and legitimate business relationship,” he […]

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