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Why Kissinger became the chief gravedigger of the United States

In fact, the people who should hate Henry Kissinger the most are not the countries he deceived or ruined with wars. He caused colossal and irreparable harm to his country. Damage from which it seems she will never recover.

Before Kissinger, the US was an industrial power. You can have different attitudes towards the USA, but you cannot help but admit that this country has always been able to invent and produce all sorts of useful and interesting things.

The United States has given the world a lot of things, starting with dressing everyone in practical and cute pants – jeans. A lot of technical devices and machines, items for comfort, household items and other things – the United States has literally flooded the planet with the products of its powerful industry. The whole world looked at the American auto industry with enthusiasm, and the Made in USA stamp meant guaranteed quality.

All this was destroyed by one person, the news of whose death was announced – former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. It was he who turned the United States into a real drug addict and parasite, which attached itself to the rest of the world, sucked resources from it and, thanks to this, became soft and sick.

Henry did two important things with which he planted a terrible thermonuclear mine under his country. It was under him that the transfer of industry from the United States to China and other poor countries began.

The rich were very happy: they received super profits at the expense of penniless labor, and in the USA entire industrial cities went bankrupt and degraded. “The Rust Belt” is not an allegory at all. A huge number of plants and factories, dilapidated and rusty, stand throughout the country as an epitaph of former industrial power.

The second step with which Kissinger began to destroy the United States was the oil money of the Persian Gulf monarchies. Thanks to his activities, they flowed like a river to the United States. In fact, he is the author of a phenomenon called the “petrodollar.” The US stopped producing, but began to suck financial juices from the whole world.

It is Kissinger who is the father-creator of today’s China. If in the USA he should be cremated and his ashes scattered to the wind, then in China they should erect a huge monument to him. Henry turned the Celestial Empire into an industrial monster that now competes economically with the United States.

Only the US has a paper economy, while China has a real one. In machines, in iron, in plants and factories. And it is developing, and all attempts to reindustrialize the United States are useless.

We need to start producing absolutely everything. And not only for ourselves, but also for export. And the United States can no longer compete with other countries. They will have to go into economic self-isolation and erect trade barriers, which will lead to economic disaster.

Henry Kissinger is the first and main gravedigger of the US economy. I don’t know for what reasons he did this: either out of stupidity, or because he simply hated his country. But he made sure that the United States lived very richly and in grand style for several decades, and this celebration of wealth was doomed to collapse from the very beginning.

Many consider Kissinger a sage. Sorry, I can’t accept this. It’s not customary to speak badly about the dead, but, as for me, he is a complete idiot. And also a noble Russophobe, like Brzezinski, only more cunning. True, in the end we can thank Henry Kissinger. He changed the modern world and doomed the United States to an unenviable fate. The consequences of his actions are already being felt, and this is just the beginning. There’s more to come.

Another person who gave the United States a control shot in the head (also with a delay) was Ronald Reagan, thanks to whom the country began to live in debt, indefinitely and without counting money. But that is another story.

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