June 25, 2024

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Here’s how you can lose your license for 60 days: a fine that every driver risks getting

Thousands of drivers make a mistake, for which they will sooner or later have to pay dearly, thinking that they will not face large fines if their car is stopped.

One of the most dangerous habits is, without a doubt, using a mobile phone while driving. Research shows that using a cell phone while driving increases the likelihood of getting into an accident by distracting the driver and increasing reaction time. For this reason, the traffic rules provide sufficient severe punishment for violating drivers.

Although a fine of 100 euros may seem like a small amount to some, given the seriousness of the offense, the same cannot be said about punishment in the form of deprivation of a driver’s license for up to 60 days. EIf someone commits the same offense within 6 months, the driver’s license and vehicle registration details will be suspended for 120 days and a check will be required to issue a new driver’s licence.

It is worth noting here that Greek legislation does not leave any loopholes in using a mobile phone in a car, directly and unequivocally prohibiting this common habit. Here, of course, a misunderstanding may arise, since some drivers believe – obviously wrong – that when their car is temporarily stopped due to traffic or at a red light, they automatically receive the right to use a mobile phone.

The reality is different: when a car is on the road, it is considered to continue moving, even if conditions do not allow it to move. For a car to be considered not in motion, it must be parked, and only then will the driver be able to use a mobile phonewithout risking a fine of 100 euros and loss of your driving license.

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