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Confiscation of license and a fine of 100 euros: why there should always be a bottle of water in the car

A bottle of water in the cabin can save us from trouble in an emergency.

Windshield wipers are one of the most stressed parts of a car because, despite their critical role in providing unobstructed visibility to the driver, they are often not properly maintained. This results in them being unable to complete their mission. And, most often, it is the drivers who are to blame, since they forget that the liquid in the windshield wiper reservoir is not… inexhaustible.

If the liquid runs out, and therefore the sprinklers fail, the wipers will not be able to remove the dirt accumulated on the windshield.

In addition, in this case the driver has another reason for concern, since it is possible that he will become the object of attention of the traffic police and receive substantial fine. The provision of the law states that, according to paragraph 2 of Article 13 (Drivers/Οδηγοί) of the Traffic Regulations, the driver “must be able to control his vehicle while driving.” In case of violation, the prescribed fine is 100 euros, and the punishment is accompanied by the deprivation of a driver's license on the spot for 30 days.


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Therefore, in order to avoid a fine as well as loss of license, it is recommended to always carry a bottle of water with us, so that if the liquid in the container runs out, we can pour a small amount, allowing the wipers to carry out their work. However, we must not forget that adding water to the windshield wiper reservoir is an emergency and certainly should not become a habit.

The ideal choice is none other than windshield wiper fluids, which have been designed specifically for cleaning windshields and can be purchased anywhere, including at any gas station.

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