8 arrests following the Zephyri shooting

Information has been received about 8 arrested at the time of publication of our material, as a result of a major police operation that is taking place today in the metropolitan areas of Zephyri and Ano Liosia. According to information obtained from the state news agency ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ from police sources, most of those arrested are […]

Greece: numerous arrests of police officers

Today, a major operation by the Greek Police Internal Investigation Service is taking place against police officers accused of illegally issuing identity cards, residence permits and other documents to foreigners. The police at this moment are conducting dozens of searches of homes and public services, as well as dozens of arrests. According to the Greek […]

Indian scam: sea water instead of a vaccine

More than 2,500 people in India have been the victims of medical personnel scammers who vaccinated people with salt water. The police uncovered a criminal network and arrested 14 fraudsters who used the pandemic to enrich themselves. The investigation found that over a two-month period, from May to June, at least 12 vaccination programs consisted […]

Estonia: a teenager turned out to be the leader of an international neo-Nazi group

The Estonian security police reported last year that they had installed the leader of the Feuerkrieg Divisi (“Fire Division”). This was preceded by numerous arrests of members of the dangerous group in different countries. The organization prepared numerous arson, explosions and murders. The leader managed to avoid such a fate for a long time, the […]

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