Flurry of arrests of vaccine instigators in Italy

All over Italy, members of the telegram channel Basta Dittatura (End of the Dictatorship), who oppose vaccinations and call for violence, have been searched and arrested.

Corriere della Sera, referring to the police, tells about the searches of the most radical members of the large anti-Axis Telegram community. They opposed vaccination certificates and the coronavirus vaccinations themselves. Searches took place in 16 Italian cities: Milan, Rome, Turin, Brescia, Ancona, Cremona, Pesaro e Urbino, Imperia, Pescara, Pordenone, Palermo, Salerno, Treviso, Siena, Trieste, Varese.

As a result of the actions of the police, equipment, an old Nazi passport, a container with acid, a crossbow, and knives were seized. Detained opponents of vaccination are accused of incitement to break the law and committing an aggravated crime in the form of using IT tools. Some of the detainees are already familiar to the police and have become involved in criminal cases. From a statement by the Turin police:

“The detainees have systematically incited the use of weapons and the commission of serious offenses against the highest officials, including Prime Minister Mario Draghi.”

The group “Basta Dittatura” was mainly involved in organizing demonstrations against health passports, which are compulsory since 15 October in all workplaces in Italy. The document certifies that its bearer has been vaccinated, recovered from infection with Covid-19, or has a negative test result.

The suspects, who were the subject of the police investigation, “joined this discussion group, systematically calling for the use of weapons and serious illegal actions against the highest authorities, including Prime Minister Mario Draghi, as well as police officers, doctors, scientists, journalists and other public Members of the group accused them of “slavery” and “collaboration” with a “dictatorship,” according to the Athens News Agency, citing police in Turin. These discussions openly referred to terms such as “hanging”, “execution squads”, “shootings legs “and” terror “.

The Basta Dittatura community has over 40 thousand members. Currently telegram channel blocked… Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, explained that the blocking was the result of calls for violence against doctors and the publication of their personal data.

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