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Attack on volunteers in Parnit – five arrests

The investigation into the May 25 attack in Parnitha, which left waste collection volunteers injured, has led to five arrests. Video materials and confidentiality of telephone conversations played an important role.

Five men aged between 20 and 23 were arrested. As our publication reported, everything happened late in the evening of May 25. The volunteer organization's action began on Friday and was supposed to continue the next day, so its members decided to set up camp and spend the night on Parnit, in the area of ​​​​the Kria Pigi spring near Fili.

Two young men from the group, a 33-year-old and a 32-year-old, decided to spend the night in an abandoned building, and the rest in the forest. Half an hour after one in the morning, two cars drove up to this place, in which there were seven unknown people, they got out of the car and asked two young people why they were there.

They replied that they were members of a volunteer group. The men got into their cars and drove away, but returned ten minutes later and attacked them, beating them mercilessly. One young man managed to break free and run into the forest, calling the rest of the group for help, and when he returned to the house after the criminals left, he found his friend severely beaten and stabbed in the back.

According to police, the attackers were guarding a hashish plantation in the forest near Parnitha. These are immigrants from the countries of the former USSR, living in the Menidi (Aharne) region. Police investigators believe that 4 young men accidentally walked onto a hashish plantation and were noticed by its security guards. That is why, sources say, at first the “guards” simply asked them to leave, but ten minutes later they returned and attacked them.

It was reported that the police are very close to identifying the 7 criminals, viewing video footage and interviewing witnesses to find the two cars they arrived in so that they can lead them to the criminals.

According to law enforcement officers, during the arrest of the criminals, a butterfly knife was seized and both cars used by the attackers were found. During police interrogation, the defendants admitted that they were the ones who attacked the volunteers in Parnit and stated that this incident occurred after a quarrel over the purchase and sale of drugs. The defendants claim they bought drugs from the victims, left the scene, and when they realized it was not what they paid for, they returned and attacked the victims.

Security authorities collected video footage from more than 30 locations and more than 18 km from the attack site. writes CNN Greece. The lifting of telephone privacy led to conversations between the accused, who often referred to the bloody incident and expressed fears that they would be tracked down and arrested by the prosecutor's office.

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