Moscow: “The Americans will surrender Greece, like the Kurds, in exchange for Erdogan’s loyalty to the West”

In a lengthy article, RIA Novosti laid out its position on the recent agreement for Sweden and Finland to join NATO, reached with Turkey lifting its veto when it was offered the compromises it requested. Russian The agency said: “Athens understands that their interests can become another handout in exchange for Erdogan’s loyalty to the […]

Unprecedented provocations in the Aegean Sea

Provocative problems in the Aegean Sea, which Ankara constantly exacerbates, are becoming regular. On Wednesday, the national space of Greece was violated by 20 Turkish F-16 fighters, three CN-235 spies, an unmanned UAV and a helicopter! A total of 44 violations by Turkish aircraft and 21 air traffic violations in the Athens FIR. At the […]

“If tomorrow is war” – the revelations of a Turkish general

Erdogan Karakush, a retired Turkish general, has revealed the command’s plans in the event of hostilities between Ankara and the Hellenic Republic. His words lead RIA Newswhile covering political debates on CNN Turk. Karakush said the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki would be the first target of a ground operation in the alleged conflict. The […]

Turkey: Erdogan ignored the “olive branch” of the European Union

The olive branch is a symbol of reconciliation. In its capacity, the EU has offered Turkey a number of constructive proposals that could ease tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and improve bilateral relations, euronews reported. At the talks in Ankara between EU President Charles Michel, EC President Ursula von der Leyen and Turkish President Recep […]

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