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What do Ankara, Baku, Tel Aviv and big money have in common?

Israel has officially withdrawn its diplomats from Turkey, Turkish diplomats are warning Israel it will face “serious consequences” if it goes after Hamas officials, and Ankara’s anti-Israel rhetoric shows no signs of abating.

Are all ties between Ankara and Tel Aviv broken?

According to journalist Metin Cihan, quoted by Turkish Minute, some companies known for their ties to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and large government contracts continue to do business with Israel.

According to a post by a journalist on the X website, in which he shared details of his research into Turkey’s trade relations with Israel from the early days of the conflict: “Since October 7, 253 ships have sailed from Turkey to Israel, carrying cargo such as crude oil, fuel, iron and steel.”

In particular, the journalist, citing data from open sources, cites the names of five companies – Limak Holding, MNG Holding, Kolin Holding, Kalyon Construction and Cengiz Holding, which, he claims, allegedly continue normal business with Tel Aviv. “From the Gang of Five: Limak Holding provides its port for deliveries to Israel, MNG Holding provides daily deliveries using cargo planes, Kolin Holding provides shipyard services for the Israeli government tanker. All this is happening while Gaza is being bombed.”– wrote Jihan.

I don’t know what to call it anymore. While I was studying the supplies, I saw an oil tanker belonging to the State of Israel in our ports. This tanker was at the Yalova Sefine shipyard while Gaza was being bombed. While I was looking for who owns sefine, I came across AK Erdogan’s party again.

Chairman of the Board of Cengiz Holding Mehmet Cengiz, General Director of Limak Holding Nihat Ozdemir, Chairman of the Board of MNG Holding Mehmet Nazif Günal, General Director of Kolin Construction Naci Kologlu and Chairman of the Board of Kalyon Construction Cemal Kalyoncu are called the “Gang of Five” by Turkish opposition parties, since under Erdogan they won almost all major government tenders.

Jihan previously revealed details of supplies from companies associated with the president’s son Burak Erdogan and the son of former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim Erkam Yildirim. These cargoes sometimes use the Iskenderun port, which is operated by Limak Holding, one of the companies cited by Cihan.

On Sunday 3 November, a journalist, citing online surveillance data, reported that the Maltese-flagged oil tanker Goldfish, owned by the Israeli state-owned company BAZAN, formerly known as Oil Refineries Ltd, docked at a Turkish shipyard owned by Sefine Shipyard, of which Colin is the managing director. Kologlu.

Notably, Cihan also reported that MNG cargo planes operate daily flights to and from Israel, and on November 11, he reported that since October 7, 253 ships carrying cargo including crude oil, fuel, iron and steel have departed from Turkey to Israel.

Whose fuel is poured into the tanks of Israeli tanks?

The media report that, despite the massive boycott of Israel by countries of the Muslim world, Azerbaijan maintains excellent relations with Israel. It is Baku oil that fuels Israeli tanks, planes and other military equipment. According to the publication report.azAzerbaijan increased its exports of petroleum products to Israel by 8% after October 7, with the outbreak of hostilities.

“Baku oil is the killer of Gaza children.” With this headline, Iranian pro-government agency Mehr published a video describing close cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel against the backdrop of the war in the Gaza Strip, but such rhetoric from Iran does not bother Ilham Aliyev at all.

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