July 16, 2024

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Turkey accused the US ambassador of "agitation" countries

Ankara urged the US ambassador to “get dirty hands” from Turkey, accusing him of trying to stir up the country.

Suleiman Soylu, the head of the Turkish Ministry of the Interior, stressed that the American ambassadors are trying to reach European colleagues with their advice in order to harm Turkey. Edition Haberturk quotes the head of department:

“I say it very clearly: get your dirty hands off Turkey. I clearly know what you have done, what steps you have taken, how you want to stir up Turkey. Get your filthy hands off your grinning Turkish masked faces. I speak very openly.”

Earlier, our publication wrote that on Friday Turkey stated: Western countries, including the US and Germany, did not provide her with any information to support their claims that security threats forced them to close their offices in the country.

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