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Heating allowance: when will the next installment be paid, who does it concern?

On April 30, it is planned to pay the next part of the heating allowance to beneficiaries. Coverage applies to all heating purchases invoiced before March 31st.

It is noted that the registration of receipts provided by citizens does not apply to heating oil, since the data is taken directly from the Hefaistos system and the beneficiary does not need to provide any documents after its acquisition.

Let us remind you that the subsidy for the purchase of heating oil, lighting kerosene, natural gas, liquefied gas, firewood, biomass (pellets) and thermal energy through centralized heating κό πετρέλαιο (μπλε κηροζίνη), φυσικό αέριο, υγραέριο, καυσόξυλα, βιομάζα (πέλετ) και θερμική ενέργεια μέσω τηλεθέρμανσης) will be allocated provided that the beneficiary purchases subsidized fuels before March 31, 2024.

With the exception of firewood, purchases must be made between June 1, 2023 and March 31, 2024. It is noted that each beneficiary is entitled to a subsidy for only one type of fuel.

According to the established criteria, the annual family income must be up to 16,000 euros for a single-member family and 24,000 euros for a couple, plus 5,000 euros for each child. For a single-parent family, the limit is 29,000 euros plus 5,000 euros for each child after the first.

For the first time this year, the total gross household income from business activities is set as a criterion not exceeding 80,000 euros. Property value (calculated to determine ENFIA) shall not exceed €200,000 for single, widowed or separated debtors and €300,000 for married or cohabiting individuals and single-parent families.

To calculate the allowance, a number of factors are taken into account, such as the severity of the climate of each region and the required energy costs for heating the building.

The benefit that each beneficiary will receive cannot be less than 100 euros and cannot exceed 800 euros. The maximum amount increases to 1000 euros for settlements with increased heating needs.

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