May 25, 2024

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Minimum guaranteed income: 8% increase for applications approved from December 1

The government is proceeding to increase the minimum guaranteed income by 8% in accordance with the ministerial decision.

The document was signed by: Minister of Social Policy and Family Sofia Zacharaki, Minister of Internal Affairs Niki Kerameas, Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance Athanassios Petraliou, Minister of Labor and Social Protection Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Digitalization and Technology Dimitris Papastergiou.

As stated in the State Administration, the amounts are being restructured with an increase of 8%, they relate to those applications that will be approved from December 1, 2023, and will amount to:

  • 216 euros instead of 200 euros per month for a family of one person,
  • 108 euros instead of 100 euros for each additional adult family member,
  • 54 euros instead of 50 euros for each minor family member.

The maximum guaranteed amount is 972 euros per month, regardless of family composition. In addition, an increase in the guaranteed amount also affects the income criteria for inclusion in the program. In particular, the declared household income, calculated for the purposes of inclusion in the program, for the last 6 months before submitting the application cannot exceed the following amounts:

  • Household consisting of one person – 1296 euros (versus 1200 euros).
  • Household consisting of two adult members or a family with one parent and one minor family member – 1944 euros (versus 1800 euros).
  • Household consisting of two adults and one minor member, or a family with one parent and two minor family members – 2,268 euros (versus 2,100 euros).
  • Household consisting of three adults or two adults and two minors, or a family with one parent and three minor children – 2,592 euros (versus 2,400 euros).
  • A household consisting of three adults and one minor or two adults and three minors, as well as a family with one parent and four minor children – 2,916 euros (versus 2,700 euros).
  • Household consisting of four adults or two adults and four minors, or a family with one parent and five minor children – 3,240 euros (versus 3,000 euros).

Six-month income can no longer exceed the amount of 5,832 euros (versus 5,400 euros before the increase), regardless of the number of household members. That’s why, In addition to the increase in the amount received by beneficiaries, the number of beneficiaries is also expected to increase.

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