March 26, 2023

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"Sweet couple": are the tenants guilty of the death of the owner of the apartment

What happened to the owner of the apartment where the Daskalaki-Pipirigo family lived, why did they hide the death from her relatives? These and other questions will have to be answered by the Greek law enforcement agencies, in connection with the newly discovered circumstances.

case investigation deaths of three girls in Patras continues. At the same time, the authorities are investigating the “tangled relationship” between the tenants and the owner of the apartment in which the family lived.

Police and judges insist that “the couple had a motive for the mistress to disappear from their lives, and they healed themselves happily ever after.” As for the accusation against Rula Pispirigou of the murder of Georgina’s daughter, the police and judges insist that “it is the fault of the mother”, and the facts absolutely prove it.

Lawyer for housewife family asks to investigate the role of Manos Daskalakis

However, the authorities are looking for Manos Daskalakis in connection with the investigation into the death of the landlady. Lawyer Andreas Theodoropoulos was hired by her relatives, the pensioner died in September 2020.

The Patras Security Police have already launched an investigation to definitively determine whether her death was caused by a pathological cause or is a crime.

The investigator will talk with relatives, they will look for financial data and property. It will also be clarified whether there were frictions between her and Rula Pispirigo. If it turns out that they really existed, the cause of the squabbles will be investigated.

Police sources explain that the investigation is at an early stage. Until now, the cause of death of a 69-year-old woman was considered to be pathological causes.

In this context, Mr. Theodoropoulos asks to remove the bank secrecy from the accounts of both (Pispirigou-Daskalaki) in order to find out whether there was a financial fraud (non-payment of rent).

It is also necessary to find out whether Manos Daskalakis has anything to do with the property of the landlady. The woman’s father had financial means and left her property. What is with him (property) will still have to be established. This is reflected in the lawsuit filed against Daskalakis. There are specific questions about the role of this person in what happened.

Recall that on September 9, 2020, the pensioner was taken to the hospital due to the deterioration of her health. The police will try to shed light on what preceded and followed her hospitalization (and ultimately death) with the help of witness statements.

However, it is worth noting so far there is no evidence that this is a criminal act.

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