July 16, 2024

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The Russians destroyed the SBU headquarters in Kyiv along with dozens of CIA agents

The Russian Air Force launched a missile attack on the headquarters of the Ukrainian SBU, where, according to the Russians, a meeting was taking place with the participation of a large number of US CIA agents.

The building has literally “disappeared” from the face of the earth, and reports coming from Kyiv indicate that too many American agents, advisers and officials have died.

The exact number of victims is unknown, but it is believed to be very high.

#Ukraine #SBU #Kiev #Russia The Russian Air Force successfully attacked the former civil defense building in Kyiv (chronology). There was a meeting of the Ukrainian secret service SBU. A large number of deaths have been reported.

#Ukraine #SBU #Kiev #Russia The building in which the SBU meeting was held belongs to the Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts in Kyiv, completely destroyed (KyivPost). It is alleged that among the dead are CIA employees and US advisers.

Ukrainian sources admitted that the civil defense headquarters was located in the building of the Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts, which was damaged as a result of a missile attack. But according to the Russians, this was a disguise, but in reality the building housed SBU control centers and housed foreign mercenaries or military instructors.

Consequences of the Russian Kinzhal strike on a Ukrainian special services facility in Kyiv.

TSN TV channel assertsthat the air defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down 2 missiles launched from Crimea. At the same time, it is indicated that we are apparently talking about hypersonic missiles “Zircon” (which, according to the same publication, the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces cannot shoot down) or Onyx, or an improved North Korean ballistic missile.

Besides reported about the arrival of a rocket (at least one) at the Zhulyany airport near Kiev. Previously, there was information that it was there that batteries of Patriot air and missile defense systems transferred by Western states were located, covering the Ukrainian capital from Russian missile attacks.

Following Kiev, a surprise missile attack was carried out on a SBU facility in Odessa.

Profile telegram channels report that the SBU departmental sanatorium in Odessa was defeated. According to preliminary information, it was used as a location for personnel. It is noteworthy that after arrival, secondary detonation began at the facility. Presumably, ammunition for air defense systems exploded.

In addition, an arrival at the Shkolny airfield near Odessa is reported.

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