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Where will the Greeks go for the three-day weekend on March 25?

According to a survey conducted by Hellenic Real Estate Network E-Real Estates, pre-booking of tourist accommodation for a three-day stay on March 25 (Greek Independence Day) is between 70% and 100%.

Pre-bookings have already been made for popular winter destinations. Among the best is Arcadia. This destination is among the most popular when there are three-day weekends (as, for example, this year – March 23, 24 and 25, from Saturday to Monday inclusive).

Since mid-January, advance booking rates have been satisfactory. The availability of tourist accommodation in Zatuna and Lagadia is zero, and the number of pre-bookings has already reached 100%. In Levidi, advance bookings reach 82%, with only 4 properties available for rent with prices starting from 546 euros, while in Vytina from 881 euros, in Stemnitsa from 510 euros, and the rate of advance reservations is 93% and 84% respectively .

In the popular Arachova area, 75% of the available short-term rental properties have already been reserved. Three nights start from €403 and there are only 47 properties available.

In Kalavrita, pre-bookings are up to 88%, with just 11 properties available on short-term rental platform Airbnb, with prices starting from €560 for three nights in a residence suitable for a family of four or a group.

Advance booking reaches 92% in Dimitsana, where only 2 properties are available for rent starting from 744 euros, and in Karpenisi 82% with prices starting from 564 euros for three nights.

At the same time, in the mountain destinations of Magnesia, advance booking rates range from 81% to 84% in Makrinitsa and Portaria respectively. Rental prices start from 434 euros for three nights for three days on Greek Independence Day.

The city of Ioannina is a traditional winter holiday destination for both the residents of the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania (via the Ionian Sea) and the residents of Thessaloniki (via Egnatia odos). There are 417 separate houses/apartments in the city. Advance bookings for three days reach 85% and the number of properties available for rent now stands at 62. Asking rental prices range from €432.

Finally, in Nafplion, where you can visit at any time of the year, the advance reservation rate is 62%. Rental prices for three days range from €243 per residence, suitable for a family or group of four.

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