June 25, 2024

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New measures against high prices

The Ministry of Development announced new initiatives in the fight against inflation.

According to market estimates, the measures taken in the last ten days, working both stabilization and to curb price increases, gradually lead to a reduction in the number of products on supermarket shelves necessary for the existence of a household. However, as the political leadership of the Ministry of Development has repeatedly noted, the fight against high prices does not stop.

On the occasion of World Consumer Day on March 15, in the context of strengthening the role of the consumer in the fight against inflation, a number of measures are expected to be introduced.

The planned changes concern the platform of the Electronic Observatory of the Consumer Market (Παρατηρητηρίου Αγοράς e-Καταναλωτής). The platform is being modernized, becoming more convenient and flexible, and great importance is being attached to online supermarkets.

Pconsumers will be able to check from 3000 to 3500 product codes. At the same time, the process of adding as many product codes as possible does not stop. However, in the next period, as part of the increase in codes, the emphasis will be on the ability to read them directly from the website of each online store, i.e. there will be no need to fill out price lists, since barcode will be used.

In this context, the necessary ministerial decision will be immediately issued on the mandatory placement of barcodes by all online stores selling both food and industrial goods.

In addition, the new “electronic consumer” will have the opportunity to compare shopping carts and find the cheapest network that is nearby. It is also possible to offer individual purchases in more than one chain for even greater savings.

Once the app is updated, a promotional campaign will be launched to inform consumers about the benefits they can get from using it and ultimately achieve their goal.

Let us remind you that this platform is already a valuable tool for resolving complaints when violations and speculation are identified.

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