July 14, 2024

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Thriller in Exarchia: plumber called the police because of a dead child in the sewer

A thriller is currently unfolding in the Exarchia area as a plumber called the police after seeing what appeared to be a dead child.

According to information, at noon on Monday 26/02 at 140 Solonos Street in Exarchia, a plumber working for a closed company saw through a camera in the sewer something similar to the corpse of a baby and reported it to the police. The building was locked and we had to wait a while for the owner to open it to sort things out.

The plumber reportedly noticed “something strange” at noon on Monday and notified authorities until that afternoon. According to the same information, the building of the NGO Doctors Without Borders is located on this site.

According to DEBATER, as a result, the building was opened and the corpse of a newborn (fetus) was removed from the sewer. The body was handed over to the NGO, received by a doctor and placed in a medical refrigerator.

The doctor who treated the dead fetus does not remember that any pregnant woman came to them (the NGO Doctors Without Borders) for help. However, many foreign women visit this building, and the management has promised to take matters into their own hands so that traces of the woman in labor can be found.

Police and forensic experts have been at the scene since Tuesday morning, 27/02, to conduct an on-site autopsy.

The gynecology clinic located across the street from the NGO Doctors Without Borders is reportedly not involved at this time.

Investigation ELAS is underway, with autopsy results expected today.

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