July 20, 2024

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Woman burned alive while crying for help (video)

A woman was burned in a fire in Ano Patisia – locked in an apartment, she screamed and asked to be saved.

Before her death, the woman managed to call her parents: “I’m burning, call for help!” A video of the fire spread on social networks – it was unlikely that one could survive in such a flame. A fire engulfed an apartment in the Athens district of Ano Patisia late on Thursday evening, December 7.

Neighbors heard the desperate screams of the trapped woman, but all they could do was call the firefighters. A user online writes: “This was last night, near the center of Athens. I saw them with my own eyes. Everyone is helpless to do anything!”

How writes newsbeast.gr, during the fire, the woman was locked in the apartment for an as yet unknown reason. Firefighters found her unconscious and later pronounced her dead. The fire service has issued a message regarding the time of arrival of fire engines to the scene of a fire in an apartment in Patisia. It is noted that while extinguishing the fire, firefighters found a 49-year-old woman dead. According to the fire department it says:

“At 00:20:52 08-12 a fire was reported in an apartment at the intersection of Vrutou and Anninou streets in Athens. The first two fire department vehicles arrived at the scene at 00:33 08/12/2023. That is, they arrived 12 minutes later “While extinguishing the fire, a woman was found unconscious. 15 firefighters in 6 vehicles took part in extinguishing the fire. A preliminary investigation into the above incident is being carried out by the competent investigative department.”

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