July 16, 2024

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The Greek “King of Christmas” produces Christmas toys that are sold all over the world.

Bright garlands and decorations from the “King of Christmas” Yiannis Palaiochorinos will once again illuminate more than eighty countries this year.

However, no one can imagine that these colorful decorations, lanterns, stars and shining Santa Clauses made from materials taken from the bottom of the sea. “It took several years. We looked for the most suitable materials so as not to pollute the environment and contribute as much as possible to the ecology of the planet,” said the creative person and designer, speaking on the radio station of the Athens-Macedonian news agency “Πρακτορείο 104. 9 FM.” Yiannis Palaiochorinos told how Seabed trash turns into jewelry.

“We get raw materials from collecting plastic bottles and sea nets. Then we take it to the workshop and there we make stars, bells and all kinds of patterns from the recycled material that can be seen in decorations hanging on the streets. These are jewelry created from discarded materials that ended up at the bottom of the sea,” he says.

As Mr. Paleochorinos notes, “When this exterior decoration wears out over the years or the owners become bored and want to change the decoration of the house, the company undertakes to take back the already disposed decorations and send them back for recycling. We take the original material and create jewelry in a new design. This is the secret of the “circulation”, the waste-free cycle.”

“The idea of ​​recycling came about three years ago. And this year we have achieved a processing volume of more than one hundred and fifty tons of garbage. Moreover, the mass from the seabed has a larger volume out of the total amount of recycled materials,” says the master.

In fact, in Northern Europe, he says, the world is so aware of recycling that even lighting and decoration competitions require that they be made from recyclable materials.

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