July 19, 2024

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A minor was the victim of a robbery in Plaka – he was shot in the leg

The 17-year-old experienced moments of terror on Thursday evening, October 12, in the capital’s tourist area of ​​Plaka.

A new episode of robbery, using physical force and bladed weapons, occurred in the most tourist area of ​​Athens – Plaka. This time the victim was a minor.

The victim was walking down the street at about 9:30 p.m., when four unknown men suddenly attacked him on Dioskuron Street and, holding a knife to his thigh, took away all the money he had. I also had to give up my mobile phone. And despite the fact that the guy did not resist, they injured his leg with a knife.

Immediately after committing the crime, the attackers fled, and the police are conducting an investigation to establish the identity of the robbers. They are carefully studying materials from surveillance cameras installed in the area.

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