November 30, 2023

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Was it owned by PMC Wagner? Transport plane crashes in Mali (video)

At the Mali airport in the city of Gao, an Il-76 military transport plane crashed and caught fire; local media write that it belonged to the Wagner PMC.

The Malian publication Malijet writes about the crash, quoting one of the eyewitnesses of the disaster:

“The white plane was unable to land and crashed near the airport. It soon caught fire.”

The official press reports the crash without details, citing a technical malfunction as the cause of the plane’s crash. Firefighters are working at the scene.

Local media, also citing the words of eyewitnesses, write that the crashed plane belonged to the Wagner PMC. Telegram channels associated with the Wagnerites refute this information, clarifying that there were no mercenaries or pilots of the Wagner PMC on board, and the fallen Il-76 “was used by local forces to transport cargo for various purposes.”

According to According to France 24 correspondent Serge Daniel, the IL-76 caught fire at the end of the runway after landing. We are talking about an aircraft with registration number TZ98, which was transporting people and equipment. The sounds of explosions were heard at the scene, the journalist noted. Information about possible dead and injured is not provided. The causes of the crash have not yet been established.

Let us note that today marks exactly one month since the plane crash in the Tver region, in which died curator of Russian mercenaries Evgeny Prigozhin.

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