November 30, 2023

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Phthiotida: one step before tragedy

At the port of Rachos in Phthiotis, a 29-year-old man fell into the sea in a wheelchair. With the help of his wife and people nearby, the tragedy was avoided.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening reports, when a young man was walking along the beach in a wheelchair with his wife. They walked there in the evenings every day, and this time there were no signs of trouble. But suddenly the wheelchair with the disabled person ended up in the sea, in front of his wife and several others.

Calling for help, his wife instantly found herself in the water, but the heavy stroller was beyond her strength. The husband and wife, who were fishing nearby, rushed into the sea, and then another person. With everyone’s efforts, they managed to pull out first the wife, and then the 29-year-old disabled man.

The young man was unconscious; they tried to resuscitate him using artificial respiration. About five minutes later, the ΕΚΑΒ brigade that arrived at the scene joined in (what if it had traveled for half an hour or more, as often happens in Greece?).

The victim was taken by ambulance, accompanied by a patrol car ΑΤ Στυλίδας, to the Health Center and resuscitation measures continued. After the man came to his senses, he was taken to the Lamia hospital.

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