December 7, 2023

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Polish nightmare: father and daughter arrested for infanticide and incest

House of horrors: law enforcement officers discovered three corpses of newborn children near the Polish city of Gdansk, in the basement of an abandoned building.

20-year-old daughter Paulina and her 54-year-old father Peter G. were arrested on suspicion of murdering the babies; they were also charged with incest, tells BB.LV. According to the Gdansk prosecutor’s office, the woman is accused of incest and two murders of newborns, the man is accused of two incest and three murders of newborns. It is assumed that he had a relationship with his second daughter. According to media reports, one of the babies found was from this relationship.

Last Friday evening, police in the village of Czerniki, southwest of Gdansk, found two dead newborns, prosecutors told the Polish tabloid Fakt:

“They were buried in the cellar. There was no floor, just compacted clay, so they could be dug out. The bodies were in various stages of decomposition.”

A third baby’s body was discovered Saturday morning. In the evening, police were still at the scene searching for the body of another baby, the PAP news agency reported.

As the media write, father and daughter have been a couple for many years. A resident of a neighboring village says:

“She called him by name – Peter. They walked hand in hand. A few months ago he shaved her head to stop other boys from following her.”

The family lived in an almost dilapidated house. The witness, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that her colleagues had suspected for some time that the woman was pregnant. She wore loose clothes and apparently wanted to hide her belly. Three weeks ago she went on vacation. When she returned to work a week later, she looked exhausted, but she refused questions about having a child. Then someone reported this to the social welfare department, whose employees contacted the police.

Police with dogs and 3D scanners entered the house. A thorough search and excavation of the basement began and the remains of the first newborn child were discovered on Friday afternoon. Another body was discovered the same day, and on Saturday morning police unearthed a third. All remains were buried in plastic bags.

The man detained on Saturday faces five charges: three of murder of newborn children and two of incest (including one of forced sexual intercourse). Peter’s neighbor said that fellow villagers suspected that something bad might be happening in the house in Cherniki: “He never worked. He laughed that “his hands did not win the lottery.” He lived off his children and social assistance. After death wife in 2008, Peter was left with 12 children.”

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