December 11, 2023

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Volos: a collapsed gate at EPAL injured a teacher; fortunately, there were no children

The iron gates of the 2nd EPAL in Volos collapsed directly on the deputy director who was trying to close them. The teacher suffered a head injury and was taken to the hospital.

The teacher said that by luck, her car happened to be nearby, and a metal structure crashed into it – it took the brunt of the blow. The injuries could have been much more serious. She also called it fortunate that students had not yet returned to school, since it was likely that there could have been casualties.

A few days ago, the Volos municipality was asked to check the safety and sanitary cleanliness of the complex before the start of the school year, but nothing has been done so far. In his post the teacher reports, quotes CNN Greece:

“Last night, at around 10:15 p.m., when I tried to lock the gate and secure the school, I got a huge shock. The rest of my colleagues had just left, and I stayed behind to sort out the administrative issue. When I finished, I locked the office, put my things in the car, which, fortunately, was on the sidewalk outside the school, and went out to lock the gate. They, sliding on two wheels along the rails, moved with difficulty, and therefore I could not close it. So I called a colleague who lives near the school. When we tried to move the door so that we could lock it, it broke away from the iron holding it on top and fell into the street, onto the sidewalk. Luckily for me – and this is an iron, very heavy door – its movement stopped on the hood of my car, but hit me on the head and with a strong push knocked me off my feet. A colleague escorted me to the hospital, where I was given first aid in the operating room and given medical instructions for the next few hours. Fortunately, my injury was minor: a scratch on my head and bruises on my arms and legs.”

Just the other day, our publication told how three elementary school students were injured on Friday morning when plaster peeled off a school ceiling in an Athens neighborhood and fell on young students. Who is next?

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