July 24, 2024

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Romanian tourist arrested for stealing marble from Acropolis

Athens police arrested a Romanian citizen who, while visiting the Acropolis, stole 2 pieces of marble from the archaeological site.

A 36-year-old Romanian citizen was arrested following a complaint from another visitor. It was established that he stole two pieces of marble from the territory of the archaeological complex. According to information contained in the case against him, there is also testimony from a 42-year-old woman who complained that she saw the man removing antiquities from the Acropolis site, media reported.

Man accused of theft on an especially large scale and in violation of the law on antiquities. It is noted that the theft occurred on the morning of Tuesday, September 19.

There is no information about how it was possible to steal anything on the territory of the Acropolis, where all the more or less real pieces of marble were collected and catalogued. Probably we are talking about the favorite “fun” of local security workers, when a tourist picks up pieces of marble, previously generously poured on the territory of the Acropolis, as a souvenir, and the guards catch him.


For each such “thief” the security receives a decent bonus. The trial of such “nonsense” traditionally takes place within one or two days, and the verdict is a large fine (depending on the mood of the judge).

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