Acropolis: 150 surveillance cameras and control room

A new security system will be installed on the Athens Acropolis, including 150 next-generation surveillance cameras, which will be monitored around the clock from the control room. MGreek Ministry of Culture. To replace the existing, outdated network of Acropolis cameras, comes a new, high-tech, active security system with a special control center to monitor events […]

Filming passionate scenes of a gay couple against the backdrop of the Acropolis

The short film Ξεπαρθενών (Xaparfenon), which shows the amorous pleasures of two men on the Acropolis, has sparked outrage in Greece. Its creators used the sanctuary as a backdrop for explicit love scenes, without asking permission for any filming from the authorities and without informing anyone of their intentions. The guards who were there at […]

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