Filming passionate scenes of a gay couple against the backdrop of the Acropolis

The short film Ξεπαρθενών (Xaparfenon), which shows the amorous pleasures of two men on the Acropolis, has sparked outrage in Greece. Its creators used the sanctuary as a backdrop for explicit love scenes, without asking permission for any filming from the authorities and without informing anyone of their intentions. The guards who were there at […]

How the Parthenon was made a Christian church

The most prominent symbol of Western civilization, the Parthenon, was converted into a Christian church for nearly a millennium, from AD 500 to 1450. Originally built in 432 BC. in honor of Athena Parthenos, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, the magnificent temple has undergone several changes. In 500 AD, when Christianity was established […]

Dior puts on a fashion show on the Acropolis

A few days ago, the Central Council for Cultural Monuments ΚΣΝΜ gave permission to hold a haute couture fashion show on the Acropolis, Cape Sounion and other archaeological sites of interest in Greece. The fashion show of the world famous Dior fashion house will take place in Kallimarmaro after the ministers Κεντρικό Συμβούλιο Νεώτερων Μνημείων […]

The world’s leading archaeologists oppose the reconstruction of the Greek Acropolis

The open letter to the Greek authorities was signed by dozens of archaeologists. They demand to cancel the reconstruction of the Acropolis, which could destroy the unique architectural monument, BB.LV reports. The Greek Ministry of Culture has planned a major overhaul of the Acropolis to ensure the comfort of tourists. The plans include the reconstruction […]

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