June 25, 2024

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Persons calling themselves arrested "national guard"for catching illegal immigrants

The owner of the car, which showed a trailer carrying 13 illegal immigrants in a video released today by Athens News, was arrested and taken into custody at the Alexandroupoli police station.

Like us previously reporteda group of people who call themselves the “national guard” consisting of local residents, saw a group of illegal immigrants crossing the border, detained them and pushed them into a car trailer.

Illegals were taken to a migrant detention center, but people calling themselves “National Guardsmen” also ended up behind bars.

The incident took place on August 22 in the afternoon near Alexandroupoli.

“The Greek police are vigilant and, in cooperation with other government agencies, are working intensively and systematically to effectively secure the borders and eliminate criminal schemes for trafficking in illegal immigrants, while ensuring the rule of law and striving to radically reduce this problem. Greece is a rule of law state with strong democratic principles and humanitarian traditions. Lynching is not allowed in any form”the statement says ΕΛ.ΑΣ.

The video sparked a huge response on social media and led to an immediate response from the authorities. At the same time, social media users are sure that the fires that are now literally devastating Evros are caused by illegal migrants who cross the border, then warm themselves by the fires and cook their own food on an open fire, not really caring about fire safety.

“National Guardsmen” charged with “call for pogroms”

The man making the video talks about “25 pieces” as he opens the trailer and shows the migrants. He blames the migrants for the recent fires in Evros and provocatively states: “We are sleeping. One trip from Healy (Χηλή) and I loaded 25 pieces that I have in the trailer.”

He is calling for a massacre of migrants and refugees in the Evros region and is heard in the video saying: “They’re going to burn us motherfuckers, they’re going to burn us. Oh see, 25 b@@@@rs. The whole mountain is full of guys. The whole mountain is full of their fucking madness. They swore, let the f**k them swore to burn us down. Full of pis@@kov. Full of whores everywhere, that’s what I’m telling you guys. Get organized, everyone, let’s go out and catch them. They’ll burn us down, that’s all I’m saying.”

In August 2023, the National Police is reported to prevent an average of around 900 illegal entries into the country daily in Evros and arrest hundreds of traffickers. However, according to experts, the number of those who broke through to the “West” is much larger.


As Athens News reported earlier, 18 charred corpses of illegal migrants were found in the Dadias forest. 16 men and 2 children crossed the Greek-Turkish border and settled in the forest, where they were overtaken by a fire. According to the coroner, they tried to escape from the fire, but fell into a fire trap and died.

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