November 30, 2023

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US Senator: “An elite group produced and released Covid-19 to take full control of our lives!”

Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, in a statement to Fox News, said an “elite group” deliberately manufactured and released the coronavirus as part of a broader program whose ultimate goal is total control over everyone’s life.

Fox host Maria Bartiromo asked a Republican senator why the government colluded with so-called Big Tech to keep the American people from learning about the side effects of Covid vaccines, and Johnson replied: “It was all planned by the elite” .

The recognition of the US senator coincides with the opinion of the vast majority of Republicans, regardless of whether it is about voters or officials. This means that if Trump wins the 2024 election, there will be a massive investigation into the era of the pandemic and mass forced vaccination:

“I’m talking about the ‘201 event’ that happened at the end of 2019, before the rest of us knew about this pandemic. It’s very disturbing in terms of what happened, what is happening, what continues to be planned for the loss of our freedom. Everyone insists They don’t want to take into account the fact that vaccines can cause side effects, can lead to death… We are on a very dangerous path, but this path is paved and planned by an elite group that wants to take full control of our lives “.

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